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I went through the application process and was accepted to Umass. That was one of my top choices and ended up being the school I chose to go to. If you have any questions on the admission process, what I think they are looking for, or what I did for my college process please feel free to ask. Ask me anything related to admissions.

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I have been accepted to the school and basically know what they are looking for in a student. I know all the information about Umass. I can tell you all the stats and information on the school.

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Ami12/20/11101010Thank you so much for your help .....

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2011-12-20 Remove from transcript:

Hmm... I am not really sure. I don't understand why people would steer you towards one direction if you are not planning on majoring in business.    Your best best is to speak to your guidance counselor

2011-12-20 Remove from transcript:

Hello,    I can only give advice regarding this situation seeing as I am currently not a Umass Dartmouth student and I also don't know the reasoning or class required for your major.    However, it is

2009-12-10 Scholarships:

Sorry for the severe delay in answering this question. For some reason, I never got an email that someone asked me a question, so I didn't know.    Umass Amherst does offer some scholarships that you can

2009-10-26 Admissions:

Hello,    Extremely sorry for the delay in response to your question. I never got an email letting me know someone had asked me a question. It might be too late, but I thought I would answer this anyway

2007-11-22 question:

Hello,    Sorry for the delay in response. I never received an email that I had a question waiting. I hope this isn't too late.    1. I loved Umass Amherst. It was a great fit for me. It's a huge campus


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