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I tend to think of my self as a person that can fix everything. Well, everything is such a big word that true no one can fix everything, yet we can still try. FAILURE TO INCLUDE AGES MAY RESULT IN FAILURE TO ANSWER(DECLINE QUESTION) POST IN BEST AREA FOR YOUR QUESTION OR QUESTIONS.

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Questioner agrees that it is their responsibility to check to make sure advice is legal in their area. I am not responsible if advice backfires. I cannot give legal advice, and advices posted are just “thoughts”. Advice can change with more facts.

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2010-04-25 Wanna Help My Best Friend:

Hi,  Suicide is a serious thing. Any belief she will do such or attempt to do such needs to be reported. I recommend you to talk to your doctor and a trusted teacher. I also recommend this third party

2009-12-21 High expectations:

Hi,  I am held to super high standards. I am Jewish and proud of it. A lot of people call Jewish people scapegoats. They get blamed for a lot of things. We are held to a very high standard to prevent blame

2009-12-20 Being open.:

Hi,  While I am glad you want to talk to your friends about those issues, I am afraid they might not know how to respond and might without even knowing about such, push you away. This is why I am here

2009-11-25 big problem, help me!:

Hi,  You need to talk to your parents, a trusted teacher, and also the police. If anyone is in danger contact the police. Because of your comment, I highly recommend talking to the police asap. I also

2009-11-15 am I overreacting?:

Hi,  Some people in relationships would find it rude if he did not ask his girl friend. Out of respect I felt he should have asked her. I however think ethically and maybe even legally he shouldn't be


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