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I`ve had a lot of experience with crappy friends so I can answer questions varying from being dumped for a bf/gf to dealing with a friend`s suicide. If I can`t find out the answer, I`ll ask around till I get it.

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I'm an expert in many other areas on this site and I always get excellent feedback. I've gone through many friends over the years and know the difference between a true friend and one that strays.

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2012-12-13 Pregnant best friends hormones are driving me crazy!:

Chelsea    You need to understand that your friend is going through a lot of changes right now and most of it shouldn't be taken personally. I know it's  hard and she can basically do whatever she wants

2011-08-28 my best friend now has a girlfriend:

Amber -  When teenagers start dating, they can tend to ignore their other friends unfortunately.  I'm sure it will pass once they break up.  In the mean time, you need to talk with him and let him know

2010-12-25 Bad Friend:

Cassandra -    You need to talk to her about how you feel before this becomes an even bigger issue.  I've been in the situation you're in now and I ended the friendship because it was one sided.  If someone's

2010-12-03 need help:

Melissa -    You should approach your friend before making a  move on her ex.  The general rule is that exes are off the table and if she still has feelings for him, chances are if you pursued him things

2010-04-21 Can u help me?:

Elise -    You need to go and tell and adult you can trust like a teacher or a school counselor so they can get you the kind of help your cousin needs in order to stop cutting.    I applaud you for recognizing


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