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Whether it be to make new friends, or to help keep the old ones around. From trying to have them give you a break to trying to get them to talk to you again. I can help.

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I have had, and overcome, many problems between my friends and I. I have become good at saying sorry, and learning how to make new friends, so I could be a great help.

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Daniel06/17/09101010Thanks so much!
maria10/03/08101010thank you sooo much.
Brenda03/31/08101010Thank you. reply was clear and it .....
Nathaniel03/20/081010Thanks for the help

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2009-06-16 How to start a conversation with people...:

Come up with conversation starters BEFORE you go into a conversation. It will make it a lot less nerve wracking as well as less awkward. Come up with things that are interesting to you and ask about others

2009-06-16 Help Please.:

Why don't you just ask her? Pick somewhere casual, such as the mall, or to get something to eat, or even a movie. [movie doesn't have to be a date, many times friends go see movies together]. Pick somewhere

2009-03-22 Friends:

Well, based on your description of her, it seems you don't like her much anyway. If you wouldn't become friends with her now if you hadn't known her before, then I think you are clinging to the history

2008-10-02 i hate her:

stop being friends with her! there isn't much else you can don't want to be known as the girl that sabotaged the relationship...just stop bring friends with her because that is not something a

2008-09-09 Girl Hanging on Me:

Find her new friends. If you abandon her, trust me, it will destroy her. When i was a freshman my friends abandoned me, and it's very hard finding new friends when you have no one. Just have a little patience


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