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Questions about locks only. I have been a locksmith for over 30 years and am currently the consulting locksmith at one of the largest satellite manufacturers in Southern California. I am a state contractor in the lock/safe field. I will answer questions dealing with residential, commercial and government safes. X07,8 and 9. Mosler 302 and S&G 6700-8400.

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Jeff03/07/17101010Exactly what I needed to know. Thank .....
mike01/04/10101010Bob, It was the c clip-got one .....
Barry12/03/08101010Your advice worked! Thanks!!

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2017-03-08 Mosler X-07 Group 1-R Security Lock:

This is a question that we do not like! You have a faulty connection behind the dial or your   display is bad or your generator is bad. Gently rapp on the dial as you yurn to see if you can get it to display

2016-02-01 Commercial Door jamb:

Hello. They used a silicone spray. The hole or strike-this is the part that keeps the door latched closed needs to be adjusted out alittle to allow for door play. Sometimes you can adjust the door centering

2014-02-12 Yale deadbolt removal:

You will need to remove the screws. It looks as if the door is locked. Let the lock hang on the jam if the door is still locked. Remove the 2 screws that hold the outside lock cylinder in place and take

2014-02-11 My Meilink safe:

there might be a small pin on the edge of the hinge side of the door that when the door closes it pushes in allowing the handle to raise then the dial will spin. Or the door is not going closed all the

2013-01-10 Detroit Safe Company:

Hello Jeff. Detroit Safe Co. was bought by Diebold Safe around 1919. They started around 1865. Detroit Safe was closed around 1929. Your safe looks like it was made later part of the 1800's.  It is left


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