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I can answer questions regarding life-style, diet,exersises, non-drug, alternative treatment of the patients with asthma, chronic bronchitis, chronic pneumonia.Bronchospasm is symptom of many respiratory disorders. Non-drug treatments such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutritional supplementation, lung massage, cupping, diet, colonhydrotherapy have a long history to help people with asthma.

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I have dacades of the experience as MD in ICU. At that time I treat a lot of patients with severe asthmatic status. I have decades of the experience working with asthma patients by using coventional and alternative, non-drug treatments.


EBook "Healthy Pancreas, Healthy You", many articles in the internet


European MD RN, LicAc, PhD in the U.S.

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I treat patients with lung disorders every day

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polly01/29/16101010thanks for your help and great advice .....
Zent11/23/15101010Thanks a lot, Dr.Melamed!!
Zent10/10/15101010Thank you!!
Zent09/17/15101010 Thanks a lot, Dr.Melamed!!
shakti01/30/151010Thank you so much.. Yes exactly life .....

Recent Answers from Peter Melamed, PhD

2016-11-20 Red Blood Cells:

Dear, Gloria!    High red blood cell count and low white blood cells count can be your body’s compensation mechanism on the low oxygen blood level. We also cannot rule out the side effect of the medications

2016-11-17 Red Blood Cells:

Dear, Gloria!    Your question “Should I be concerned.?” about “PFT of 45 percent” and “permanent Lung Damage.”  has only one answer “Yes, indeed.”     I do not know your age, lifestyle, medical history

2016-06-13 Blood In Mucus sh:

Dear, Garima Mehra!    Blood in mucus in person with chronic bronchitis can occur after a persistent cough. Small vessels may be ruptured with oozing of the blood. More serious reasons can be tuberculosis

2016-06-06 Asthma-air purifier:

Dear, Christopher A Smith!  I am not a distributor of air purifiers. I am holistic doctor with the clinical experience of treating asthma in ICU, outpatient setting and using alternative medicine therapies

2015-01-27 is it a bad idea to marry a woman having asthma?:

HI Shaktikanta Patra    Q. is ASTHMA is curable, or need a proper life style.  A.    Yes, asthma is curable, person needs to avoid trigger situation.    Q. Is it ok to marry an asthma patient.  A. It


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