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Wow! I can answer "all" or "anything" about Dr. Katz. For example, do you want to know who spent the most time on Dr. Katz`s couch? I can tell you. Do you want to know how many African American`s sat with the good doctor? I can tell you. I can tell you which comedian said what to whom at what time in what episode. I can tell you about the personal life of Ben, or Laura, or Stan, or Todd. Admittedly, there may be questions of minutiae that I don`t know, but I can attempt to look up anything that you need.

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I have seen every episode of Dr. Katz numerous times and have every episode on tape. I also have followed the careers of the show's creators Tom Snyder and Jonathan Katz and I also know a great deal about the stand-up comics that graced Dr. Katz's couch. To help me, I have a fairly detailed episode guide.


Like Ben, I'm the type of person that leads the contemplative life.

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Have you ever seen Dr. Katz and Foghorn Leghorn in the same place at the same time? Neither have I.

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Luke Rickit11/13/041010perfect except didn't say where got the .....
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Gillian Wink02/11/04101010Many thanks!
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Mike04/02/03101010VERY thorough response. Worth the wait.

Recent Answers from Tony Hansen

2005-08-23 music:

Well Luke Rickit,    I guess I owe you an apology for not writing to you sooner.      Sorry.    Anyway, to answer your question, to my knowledge the composer of the background music for Dr. Katz is none

2004-11-08 unaired guests:

I'm sorry for the lack of promptness in responding to your e-mail.  To be honest with you, I don't receive many questions these days (which is sad) so checking my e-mail hasn't been a top priority.   

2004-10-26 "Bags" comedian:

I am terribly sorry about the lack of promptness in responding to your question.  I haven't checked my e-mail in some time now and you seemed to have snuck up on me.     In any case, it is my unfortunate

2004-09-17 Dr Katz DVD's:

To my knowledge there is no release date as of yet for "Dr. Katz," and my knowledge extends through November.  There is, however, a release date of November 16 for another great Soup2Nuts (the company

2003-03-27 Home Movies:

Sorry about the lack of promptness in responding to your question.  Lately, I've been trying to spend as much time away from my computer as possible.    To answer your question, yes, their is a connection


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