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I can answer questions about surviving suicide, about losing a family member to suicide and how to heal the hole that is left behind by a loved one committing suicide.

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My father committed suicide when I was 8 years old. It took me 13 years to even start dealing with his death but once the healing started it was truly an educational experience. I know now that he is with me all the time and though his physical self is no longer here, his spirtual self lives on in me and my son. I'm now 49 and have talked to several people about losing a loved one to suicide and have received some positive feedback about my advice. I am a medical transcripitionist and have been in the medical field for 20+ years. I feel I survived my dad's death to have the understanding to be able to help others. I love to help others.

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Mohammed Tharik F10/25/1410thanks Ma'am
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rosey07/21/12101010Lynn, gave a very heartfelt answer.
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2014-01-10 ego,self esteem hirted a lot:

Sunny!  I am at a loss for an answer for you except I can say that God doesn't make mistakes.  You are His child and He loves you.  In my opinion you need to seek professional help that is way beyond my

2014-01-09 ego,self esteem hirted a lot:

Hi Sunny!  I am very sorry you have encountered the meanness that exists in our world.  Please don't give up on Jesus; He hasn't given up on you.  None of us know why bad things happen to good people.

2013-07-20 attempted suicide:

Hello Beth!  If your friend's family is abusing him the authorities need to know.  Is there a teacher you trust that you can talk to?  Or some person in authority that will help.  In the meantime turn

2013-05-19 my girlfriend wants to commit suicide:

William,    I can tell how much you care for this girl but sometimes you have to care more for yourself.   It comes down to self preservation.  It sounds too like there might be a little manipulation going

2013-05-18 my girlfriend wants to commit suicide:

Hi William!    Your girlfriend is so lucky to have someone like you who cares for her and wants to help.  But all you can do is give her the tools to want to live; the living is up to her.  You can remind


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