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I have been in the organization more or less 30 years. My experience has allowed me to see the dichotomy of Jehovah's people. It is more than just an eye opener but also to experience the emotional and psychological aspects of the organization. I will always try to base my statements on observable facts, not opinions; therefore making my venue open to all questions. The only thing I ask that prudence, respect and modesty be shown all issues are addressed.

Experience in the area

As I stated, I have been close to thirty years in the organization. I have experience many ups and downs being apart and part of the organization. There are so many levels of emotional and psychological issues that it's difficult to pin an answer to an issue; however, the holy scriptures does show a way through many problems plaguing members. As a bible student and minister, I also have a Forensic Psychology degree with many certificates in the area of mediation, law enforcement, domestic violence, and abuse.


My affiliation to scholastic organizations is vast but the most important one is Jehovah Gods.


My publications have appeared in many areas of the legal field regarding the many cases I have tried. You can Google my name to do more research.


I have a minor in Psychology with a major in Forensic Psychology. I have been in law enforcement for the past 17 years and have specialized in Criminal Forensic Profiling. I have worked in many specialized units thus adding to area of expertise when it comes to the psychological and emotional aspect of my experential experience. But the most important area is bible knowledge and being a student as well as a minister, I have seen first hand how the scriptures can change a life. I attend Christian meetings of the Jehovah's Witnesses every week even though I am disabled. I firmly believe in Jehovah God's arrangement of teaching and administrating his flocks and firmly adhere to his word.

Awards and Honors

I have received many awards and honors in the performance of my earthly duties. My final reward, should Jehovah grant it, would be at the end of my life. Then only then I should hope and say from Father, "Good job!"

Past/Present Clients

My past and current clients are very confidential and therefore not for the public privy. My clients trust in my discretion and will not disclose their names.

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