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Jill Odermann-Mullins


expert at technical design, writing of specifications, fitting, working knowledge of grading. Expert at production construction and pattern making. Expert at entire process from inception to top. have worked with designers and merchants and also worked the other end in agent office.

Experience in the area

15 years technical professional working in Asia and recently Caribbean and Latin America. Experienced in Denim, knits, super stretch knits, mens casual, polos and khaki, womens separates, special sizes and toddler through teen boys and girls. I teach pattern making and draping. Recently started up my own company for technical design solutions with a team that can offer full package consulting as well.


A.A.S Illinois institute of Art Currently teach at Miami school of art and design in the fashion department, history of fashion, textiles, knit design, pattern making and construction one through four

Awards and Honors

1998 The May Company Best Support Person

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2014-03-22 Old Designs:

Hello  Most companies store old pattern if they are manual.  Many firms have gone to computerized records and if styles where discontinued they probably did not store them digitally, The only way to really

2014-02-22 chosing a supplier that sells or makes hat beanies:

Wow, that's a lot of questions. Let me reply as best I can by point:    1) Is your idea salable and feasible in the market?  Reply: do your research! That will tell you.  Who is your competition, where

2013-10-28 wholesellers/manufacturers:

Hello,  When buying wholesale, in most cases you will need you EIN or Tax Id number. ( at least in the USA) in order to purchase from wholesale dealers. You are assigned that number when you open a formal

2012-11-02 Pattern Makers:

HI Jessica,  Have I spoken to you?  I am a freelance pattern maker and I make manual patterns. I don't have capability to do digital. I will be open for work later this month and December only. please

2012-09-27 startup company manufacturing:

Hello Helen,    Your worries are well founded. Never pay for an entire order up front!! Terms are contracted on front end of the deal with penalties in place for claims against quality or late delivery


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