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I can answer any questions about Canadian politics. More specifically, I have expertise in parliamentary procedure, the Constitution, and Ontario politics.

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I have a B.A.(Hons) and an M.A. in Political Science, as well as practical work experience in academia, professional politics, government relations, and work at a provincial legislature.


Canadian Parliamentary Review Federal Governance Canadian Political Science Association Annual Meeting, 2005.


B.A. (Hons): History and Political Science. M.A.: Political Science

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Michael10/01/14101010Thoughtful answer.Certainly something to chew on!
Nick09/22/13101010Thanks a lot! That helped a lot!
Hany09/18/1310Thank you

Recent Answers from Adam McDonald

2015-02-21 open federalism:

Hello Arjun,    Thank you for your question.    The issue of how our country deals with its federalist nature always seems to have some controversy. It stems from the very idea of how we are to govern

2014-09-30 Defeating Harper:

Hi Michael,    That's a great question!    The answer, however, is rather complex, due to the way our system operates. Let's see if I can help, though.    My own belief about voting is that we should vote

2014-08-27 MP & MPP pensions:

Hi Sharon,    Thank you for your question.    MPs must serve at least 6 years and be over 55 before they qualify for their pensions, which means they must win at least 2 elections.     MPPs do not have

2014-05-08 Toronto mayor's race:

Dear Theo,    Thank you for your question.    I can't say I entirely agree with your analysis, though it is logical. Part of the issue is that there is a portion of Rob Ford's support that does not ever

2013-02-25 Canadian pope?:

Hi Bud,    Thanks for your question.    Predicting the future is never easy, so I don't want to offer a prediction as to whether a Canadian pope would affect the Quebec separatist movement. I will say


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