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I can answer questions regarding christian faith-based discipline,consistency in discipline and frustrations of motherhood. I can address adaptations of the token economy to get positive, first-time response from children 4-15, as well as self improvement, setting and achieving goals and issues of P.M.S. and P.M.D.D in young girls beginning their trek into womanhood. I can address how to teach accountability to family and self with cleaning charts, and behavior issues for children 9-18. I can't answer medical questions.

Experience in the area

I have raised three healthy and happy children. I believe that Motherhood is a calling from God and I was determined to stay at home and give dedicated effort to raise children who could give positive contributions to family and community. I felt the frustrations of being with children all day long with no one talk to. I didn't think anyone felt the way I did. I felt overwhelmed at the prospect of being cheif cook and bottle washer as well as the disciplinarian and story teller. I thought that teaching the "Golden Rule" as in,'do unto others as you would have them do unto you' would be all I needed to get my children to say, "Thanks for making my bed, Mom. What can I do for you?" Through prayer and dedicated effort I came to understand that the role of mother is filled with potholes and streets of gold, I had to learn to find JOY in the JOurneY. I did and you can too!


From Combat Zone to Love at Home: The Happy Face Token System,,,,,,


High School and some college. Learned much with life experiences as I volunteered in Girl Scouts, school and church programs. I have written a book on the frustrations of parenthood called, From Combat Zone to Love at Home: The Happy Face Token System. Taught parenting classes nation wide.

Awards and Honors

Education Clearing House-review, Three Stars of Three. PRODUCT RATING: OUTSTANDING RATING EXPLAINED: This is an outstanding product with outstanding results. Do you ever get tired? Do you ever get sick and tired of no cooperation, no one getting along, and feeling like the world will end before anyone ever lends a hand with normal household duties, that all members of the family should contribute to? I am sure you answered no to this, and that I am the minority when I answer YES!!!!!!!! ... However, if you happen to have answered yes, like I did ... then this program is a MUST SEE! With From Combat Zone To Love At Home, the weight is off of your shoulders, because the program sets the rules of the game in place. So you, as the mom, just follow the rules set out for you, just like the kids do and the game works smoothly! I call it a game here, because smaller kids will work best with it as a game, but actually it is a comprehensive family program, wherein all members of the family, no matter what the age, will participate and thereby make home life run more smoothly and make moms burden a little less, well, burdensome! My two younger ones loved it and dove right in each day to get their stuff done, as the first to the chore got it, so they would race to it, to get the ones they wanted .... However, my 17 y/o didn't think she liked the idea and called it "dumb" ... told her siblings she would not participate in that, no matter what... It took her three days ... three days of being bored while the others had their fun and she was racing them to the chart as well ... so, even "dumb" ideas in their book, will work, if YOU, as the parent stick to it. This program makes sticking to it easy. By implementing this system, I would say noticeable improvement will come to your home instantly in many cases and if not instantly, then within 2 weeks, 3 max (as three weeks is what they say it takes to create a habit).

Past/Present Clients

1. I just visited a friend whom I haven't seen in months. Her life has changed - due to your book. She has six children 16, 10, 9, 8, 5, 3, 9 mos. She home schools and just moved into a new home. Her whole soul seems more calm - She is happier and looks great. I want that!!!!!! Please send information - I need an address or phone number to get the book!!!!!!! Waiting (not so patiently) Dawn 2. From: Trish Taylor, Houston, TX:I am a family counselor/therapist and use your book all the time. I love it. It works especially well for "BLENDING" families of new marriages. 3. I have actually been trying a system similar to the "Token System" you write about, which I just came up with on my own after attending a few parenting seminars here and there. I was so excited to see you refer to your earnings as "Happy Face Tokens"...I have been calling ours "Happy Money", in which we use small happy face dollar bills that I drew up and copied. Our system has been working partially, but it always seemed to fade away. We'd always come back to it and start again because nothing else I tried made things flow in our family...or as you say, brought more peace and love into our home. So, I knew I was on the right track, but something seemed to be missing and I didn't know what it was. So you can imagine my excitement when I found your ideas! You have found all the missing links that complete the program (which I have testimony of the fact that it truly is our Heavenly Father's program). Our desperation has brought us to investigate many different parenting philosophies and it has been very hard distinguishing between the philosophies of man, and those sent from above. I believe your book may be the answer we've been asking for. Thank you for your time! I am in sincere search of a parenting plan that will work and not fade out over the years! Thank you for your hard work, and mostly for making it available to others!

What do you like about this subject?

"I have been enjoying your web site so much today. It really is an answer to fervent prayer that I stumbled upon your site, and your parenting plan! I just wanted to write and tell you how enlightening your ideas were to me!"

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"I have a son 51/2 yrs. old and a daughter 2 1/2... I want to get it right now, before it's too late!...we are also a home schooling family and the "not minding" carries right over into the classroom." This program helps define the line between parent and teacher. It's a wonderful program for home school and is highly adaptable to various groups of children.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

Did you know that girls can have symptoms of P.M.S./P.M.D.D. up to three years prior to beginning thier period? I have a wonderful charting system to help daughters and mothers learn how their body works and what time of the month the best decisions are made. See more:

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