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I am a stay-at-home mom of two great kids under the age of four. But even good healthy kids can be a challenge at times. I can answer questions about crying, sleeplessness, general insecurity (on the part of both mom and kids!), potty training, co-sleeping, weaning and more. I am a member of La Leche League so I have access to plenty of information on breastfeeding and related problems. In more recent months we`ve had experience dealing with discipline and socialization skills as well. We all have rough patches with our kids, and days when we just think we`re too tired to cope--but sometimes just talking to someone else who`s been there can be enough to get us through. I`ve had plenty of good support, and now I`d like to pass some of that along.

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I've been a mom for four years now. We regularly attend playgroups and La Leche League meetings. My son goes to a co-op playschool where I often help out. In the past I've worked as a volunteer for Big Sisters in schools helping kids with their reading and writing.


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2017-01-21 Baby not feeding:

Hi,    It has been a long time since my babies were little so I can't answer you with any authority but will give what advice I can from my own experience. Are you breastfeeding? The breastfeeding advocates

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Hi,    I did a little research on this question since laws and attitudes about educating children at home (homeschooling as it's known in North America) are different depending on which part of the world

2016-09-04 education:

Hi Andhra,    I can relate to your problem because I am a teacher of English as a Second Language, and I have tutored more than one child whose challenges were not so much with English as a second language

2013-09-28 How would a child:

Hi,    How your daughter reacts would depend on a number of factors I'm sure, such as:    - What her relationship is like with her mother and grandmother... is she already pretty secure in those relationships

2012-04-19 cant cope with my toddler:

Hello Lou,  Well, I really feel for you. Kids at that age can be very frustrating, I know.   Here is what I think is happening: she isn't getting enough--love, stimulation, attention--so she becomes more


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