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I can answer questions relating to the history of the Turkish cuisine, specific recipes for home cooking and traditional methods of preparation and serving.

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I am half Turkish and have spent the last 17 years in Turkey, having operated two businesses in the food catering industry.


Regular restaurant reviewer and food writer for the Bodrum Observer newspaper


B.A. Near Eastern Studies (UC Berkeley) specializing in Turkish language and literature

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2010-10-07 Curious about Halva:

Dear Yossi,    I did not receive your file to my email at Can you resend it?  Or you can try using my personal email    Also would be interested in

2010-10-05 Halva:

Dear Yossi,    Thank you for your extremely informative essay on helva. I agree with you that it is an amazing food and that in Turkey, Koska is the best brand. There was also an excellent brand found

2010-05-29 Meat and potatoes:

Hi Wes,    This is very interesting because normally Turkish food would not be on the menu of German pubs and restaurants.      The traditional Turkish meat with fried potato in the oven recipe is here:

2008-07-12 Proper Marination:

Dear Mike,    I do not really know the answer to your question.  However, I can share some experience with you.    I pickle fresh anchovies every winter in a plastic jar (non sterilized).  I use ample

2008-06-16 Bluish Areas On Marinated Garlic:

Dear Mike,    Thanks for your question and what sounds like a delicious recipe.     The blue spots on your garlic arise from not having boiled the garlic first. Raw garlic contains an enzyme that if not


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