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Sorry, I don't do leases, property claims, legal issues, or royalty questions. Just those issues listed below. Regarding: Heavy Duty Lubricants(HDMO), Passenger Car Lubricants(PCMO), Hydraulics, Greases, Gear OIls. Applications, Substitution, Constituants, and general knowldge of the aforementioned products. Not well versed in the actual manufacture of petrochemical products, but can answer general questions. I have a vast network of information sources within the Petrochemical Industry (Not too much on fuels). If I don`t know the answer, I can usually find one rather quickly. Except Royalty, mineral rights, etc. Questions, Sorry.

Experience in the area

30 years in the oil industry as an Industrial Lubrication Specialist. Worked with, Union Oil Co., 76 Products Co, Chevron, Texaco, Fina, and some Castrol. Experienced in application of various types of Antifreeze and Coolants.
Experienced in Marine and Aviation applications. Experienced in CNG propulsion in public transportation. Experienced in Synthetic Lubricants. Experienced in Petrochemical applications in severe situations such as, extreme temperature variancees, water contamination situations, sand, salt, heat, cold, and chemical contamination within applications of products. Signature Certified Industrial Lubrication Specialist with the Chevron/Texaco Compnay Currently I am a Petrochemical Consultant to DR-6 Incorporated. Supplier of petrochemical additives for Fuels.


2 Years medical school, Los Angeles Signature Certification training, Chevron refinery, Richmond Calif Plus over 25 years experience in the Petroleum Industry

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I am always striving to increase my knowldge in my chosen field. As new information and techniques are developed, my main concern is to pass that information on to my customers and constituents. Knowldge and its application is the ultimate achievement.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Despite what you may think from various TV commercials and other sources. The Dinosaurs had very little to do with the formation of crude oil. It derives from extremely ancient microscopic marine life buried under sea bottoms so old it boggles the mind. Pressure, time and heat results in the product that seems to drive todays world.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

The most cost effective method of Hydrogen manufacture for the vehicles of the future, is extraction from crude oil. Not Seawater. So I guess we keep drilling!

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