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Timothy Nyman


I can answer questions about dance styles, step patterns and music selection. I have a good knowledge of the history of the dances. I can help with selecting a studio, instructor or learning method for particular situations. I can offer descriptions of the basic steps to get anyone started. I have a good knowledge of how dance competitions run and are judged and can offer advice for those who want to compete for fun as well as those who want to have a serious advantage on the competition floor. I may or may not be able to answer questions about specific pattern in a dance. There are 5 syllabuses with 3 levels each. Each level has 10-15 moves per dance. I would estimate I know half of them.

Experience in the area

I have been teaching ballroom dance since 1994 (currently 18 years). Most of those years I also was the studio manager and trainer of teachers. I have choreographed musical theatre as well as hundreds of individual 'showcase' dances. I have been running my own showcases for 7 years. I currently own and operate Black Tie Dance Studio. I have competed both professionally and pro/am in competition ranging from local to national.




None other than press


Each syllabus organization test instructors for certification. I have taken many of these certifications and have a strong knowledge of most of the levelsin which I have not certified.

Awards and Honors

I have received many "top teacher" and "top manager" awards. These were when I worked for one of the franchised studios. I have several awards from when I competed professionally and I have had many high placing students in competitions over the years.

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