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Questions concerning government, politics, elections, world events, and current events in the U.S.

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Twenty-five years in Public Administration, former elected official, and educator.

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2016-05-02 US elections:

One is a Federal Office with its own rules and regulations, which are enumerated in the U.S. Constitution. The other is a State office with its own set of rules and laws.     There is nothing in the U

2016-03-06 How does the federal government fund Planned Parenthood?:

The federal government gives planned parenthood about 500 million dollars a year to fund a number of programs. Those public funds come from two programs: Medicaid, the health care program targeted at lower-income

2015-03-11 legalisation of marijuana:

The first results are in from Colorado, and they can be found here:    Summarized findings:    Section 1    Impaired Driving:    Traffic fatalities

2015-02-25 What is a Cash Cow?:

A cash cow is something that produces money, regardless of whatever else it may be doing. If you were an employee for NASA, the space shuttle was a cash cow because it was always going up and producing

2014-12-22 "The Interview":

The President's point of view for this and any other issue is: "What can I say or do that will make me look good."    He has no concern for the reality of the moment, or how logical or illogical something


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