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I'm capable of answering most any question related to current events in the US, including political, social, and cultural issues.

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I've been studying the United States and its history for nearly 20 years. I'm also volunteering in the US History and US Politics categories.


My newest book is called (REAL QUICK) HISTORY ( I've also written: WE NEED TO TALK: 27 DIALOGUES ON RACE IN AMERICA is available in the Amazon Kindle store. AMERICAN REVOLUTION 2016: RATIONALE AND AIMS FOR RADICAL CHANGE


BA History (High Honors)

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The United States has so much influence in the world, for good or ill, that to understand current events in the US is practically a prerequisite to understanding global affairs.

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Joyce01/22/17101010Awesome answer!Thank You!
bud11/10/15101010Thanks! I will google Andre Gide!
bud03/11/15101010Very wise-thanks!
Mark03/01/15101010Thank you!

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2017-01-22 100 days:

Hi Joyce,    Excellent question! I'll be glad to answer it.     The reason that the first 100 days of a presidency are considered important - instead of another timeframe - goes back to what President

2015-11-09 Muslim prayers:

Hi Bud,    In my opinion, no particular group has a monopoly on trying to get away with as much as it can. In this case and others, it seems to me, Muslims are granted certain flexibility and privileges

2015-03-11 ISIS:

Hey Bud,    I think if ISIS remains relatively contained then the US won't militarily intervene. But if ISIS seems on the verge of occupying Baghdad or significant oil fields, then I think the US will

2015-02-25 What is a Cash Cow?:

Hi Mark,    A cash cow is something that produces cash flow with the same ease and regularity that a cow produces milk - hence "cash cow." For example, the iPhone is a cash cow for Apple. Or, SUVs are

2015-01-22 Impact of Fiscal and Monetary Policy on U.S. Economic Performance:

Hi again,    I think the most important data points are the unemployment rate, yearly GDP, and the poverty rate. By comparing the 2008 and 2009 numbers the recession is revealed (for example, GDP is lower


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