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I can answer lots about ballet, specifically the Vaganova syllabus. I'm still training, but both my parents were professional dancers, so most answers will be coming from them, not me. :) They're the experts. Obviously, questions about difficult technique, etc, would be better answered with someone else, but if you're just becoming interested in dancing, or are having problems with basic steps, like pirouettes or plies, then I may be able to help

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I've seen ballet since the age of 0, because of my parents, and I am training to become a professional dancer now.



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Liz02/03/14101010Connie answered very quickly and gave a .....

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2015-07-11 pointe work:

Hi Liz,    Pointe work is very challenging!  There are a couple of exercises you can do to strengthen your feet.  Get a theraband and practice flexing and pointing with this added resistance.  You can

2014-02-02 turns:

Hi Liz,    I believe the step you're trying to execute is a full turn from fifth.  Try this: Start with your right foot front.  Start to turn towards the back foot (to the left).  When you get halfway

2013-09-08 bunions and toe taping:

Hi Liz,  My best advice is to use a big toe spacer (or a piece of mole foam that's slightly thinner if the spacer is too large) between your first and second toe to prevent bunions.  You can find the spacers

2013-05-09 Ballet exercise:

Are you dancing 5 hours a week or 5 hours, 5 days a week (25 hrs/week)?  That makes a difference in how tired you should feel!  I would be very conscious of your body's signals and pay attention to them

2013-04-08 Change in ballet from the 18th century to present day:

Could you be slightly more specific?  Ballet has certainly changed and evolved over time - what time periods would you like to compare?    Also, I'm not really qualified to discuss the leading causes of


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