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I'll be taking some time away from this due to my Father and other life issues I will not be able to answer in a timely manner so I'm taking a little time off.. others here are more and qualified to help assist you! I can answer most things with in most departments. Engineering I can't answer. I only know very little! Sales, Programming/on air, Traffic, and Promotions I know very well!

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Been in Radio for 10 years, Starting on air/programming doing production and imaging. Moved to Traffic (business office) and Sales assistant! With help on promotions! I have stuck myself in this business because i know it VERY well and LOVE IT! Pick my brain if you wish!


10 years, and Schooling at a trade school!

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Harry11/06/09101010Thank you, April! Yeah. it looks as .....
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2012-03-07 radio airplay:

If the stations will not supply you with the amount of spins then it would be in your best interest to follow them using some sort of monitoring system. (very costly) something like Media Monitors would

2009-11-03 Music Director:

Are you talking about a program director? most MD are a thing of the past due to corporations and budget cut backs. Either a board of people does this for them in a higher office or they just use billboards

2009-10-13 promotions director job:

mainly they want to know if you can handle a very hi pace very demanding job.   talk about the events you hosted and the branding you did for the company you worked for.   promtions in radio is very time

2009-04-13 Radio:

I'm sure he couldn't explain because you can't!    look at it like this when someone buys a station they can change their call letters to what ever they want!  it's all choice man there for there is not

2009-01-16 Copywriting Own Commercials:

Hi Mike,  There are a few ways you could do this!   1. you can find the business who want to make their own commercial and you could create it for them!  However you would have to get in touch with some


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