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I have seen and collected data from almost every episode of the TV series Dark Shadows. In addition to writing fiction with the characters, I have written short bios of the characters as well as created a streamlined history of the series to make sense out of the numerous cotradictions and irregularities in the history of the characters. I don`t know much abut the private lives of the actors or their other work, but I can answer questions about real ghosts, vampires and other supernatural creatures associated with the series. I can also formulate explanations behind bloopers in the series. Please do not ask me any questions about any other Daytime Dramas or Soaps other than Dark Shadows.

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Dark Shadows is one of my favorite series and it's departure from TV makes it a great candidate for writing fiction.

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The 90s Dark Shadows was cancelled because Gulf War footage prevented the series from getting a fair chance.

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2006-11-05 Dark Shadows:

You're recalling the 1840 storyline where Desmond Collins brought the head of Judah Zachery to Collinwood and enthralled Dr. Hoffman and Letiticia Faye to reconnected it to his body. They succeeded, but

2003-10-21 Dark Shadows:

Hi, Cyndie, I think I read somewhere that that story was based very loosely on The Cask of Amontillo by Edgar Allen Poe.    If you're interested, I have my own Yahoo DS group at

2001-10-09 construction & myths:

This is way out of my sphere of knowledge, my expertese is not in soaps but in trivia from the daytime drama known as "Dark Shadows," however.............    I do try to be a little up on pagan gods and


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