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I own a media and publicity company in Australia, and I have successfully pitched, placed and booked talent onto talk show programs. Programs include Australian Story, ACA, SBS Insight, ABC Difference Of Opinion.

Experience in the area

Present clients
Airview Aerial Photography
Live Earth (Pittwater) Pittwater High School Solar Power Station South Sydney Rabbitohs ("Playing The Pokies") Githabul people Hottest On TV - Lewis O'Flynn
International Movie Makers Market
Australian Stunt Academy
Messages On Hold
Destiny Tours
Scotland Golf Touring - Steve Cooke

What do you like about this subject?

There is an unique art and skill required to appear on TV talk shows.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

We would all like it to be easier to be able to appear on a TV talk show. Stay tuned for tips on how to make it happen!

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

As in many spectrum's in life, relationships are most important. You need talent to appear on TV, hover, you also need the right connections and relationships to make it happen. Sometimes interview "spots" can open up on short notice, whilst at other times, there is a list of 100's waiting, and some shows officially get booked out 1 year in advance.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

How do you get on TV? Ask me! Greg Tingle has appeared on Network Nine's 'A Current Affair' (about publicity and reality tv), and has placed many others onto Australian television. Greg has also vast experience as presenter at Channel 31 in Sydney. and Australasian Media Director to Entrepreneurs - The Reality Show, as seen on Fox.

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Recent Answers from Greg Tingle

2016-04-04 Urgent Question on Talk Show:

Thanks for your enquiry.    A project such as this is an ambitious goal, at any time, including the present.    There are many elements involved in such a quest.    These would include but not be limited

2015-09-24 job duties at tv station:

Hi Demetrius    Thanks for your enquiry.    As a general rule, a station manager could certainly make changes at a television show.  They may also be involved in hiring and co hosting.    Every television

2013-09-09 Live Interview:

Hi Gabrielle    Thanks for your enquiry.    This is a complex matter and there are many variables.    Some of the things to consider include:    Business model  Marketing and media plan  Sponsorship plan

2013-07-19 TV talk show:

Hi Franklin    Thanks for contacting us here at Media Man.    Funding can be sourced via a number of places... private, government, arts grants, business angels etc.  KickStarter (as found on the internet)

2013-02-18 talk show for mainsttream:

Hi Deanne    Thanks for contacting Media Man International.    From what you are advising, I think you need a solid show format and business model.    It is a very good thing for a young person to be offered


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