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General questions about situation comedies, history of television, the industry, etc.

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Professor of Mass Communications for over 15 years. Writing a book about the topic of situation comedies.


Ph.D., University of Tennessee M.S.M.C. Arkansas State University B. A. Columbia College, Chicago

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2015-11-01 sit-com query/synopsis:

Though this isn't really my area, I've heard good things about "ink tip". Professionals routinely search the site looking for new talent/ideas. One of the good things is you'll get a statistic on how many

2013-04-28 Evrybody loves Raymond:

Hi,   According to the Chicago Tribune:    "It's not unusual for creative changes to take place between the time a series pilot is filmed and when the show actually goes into production several weeks (or

2012-07-30 Format for a sitcom treatment:

Hi Laurie,   There are a lot of good sites that discuss what should go into a treatment (a Google or Yahoo search should find them).   I like for an

2011-11-28 Old TV Comedy:

Wow. You've stumped my with this one. I remember Lancelot Link, but a family of monkeys...  If I were you I'd try some of the other experts. I tried the internet movie data base for television and nothing

2011-09-10 TV character:

Wow, you've stumped me with this one. The only thing I can come up with was a character that Ernie Kovaks played on his show, Percy Dovetonsils. A poet who had really thick glasses and a two spit curls


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