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Owner of a Creative Services firm in Northern New York. Available for questions relating to the business of design, client relations, billing, design startups, employee management, production, brand and print development.

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GrafiQa has a combined experience of over 30 years. Our client list is extensive. We have developed brands for companies across the state of New York. Visit to learn more about what we do.

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lemen10/07/1110Thanks for advise~ atleast i got some .....
Kira Toles02/13/09101010thanks so much for taking the time .....
Alyssa01/26/09101010Thanks for the advice i'll get right .....
Mike01/17/09101010Thanks Christopher, for your informative reply. Much .....

Recent Answers from Christopher Quereau

2011-09-28 how to bill:

Regarding what you charge try and figure out what other freelancers in your area/type of work charge but also consider what you need to make in order to be happy i.e.: if you need to make 40k a year the

2010-03-19 Acronyms for Graphic Communications:

She sounds very TYPE A.  I have worked in design communications for 15 years myself with hundreds of creatives and project managers and I'm not aware of these acronyms. I would be honest with her and explain

2010-03-08 Your Expert opinion on assessing the number of employees required for a design team.:

That is because corp. types do not usually relate to designers and their value. They would rather have more sales people or paper pushers then actual producers because they cant relate a designer to actual

2009-09-18 Copyright:

Hi, first off sorry for the delay on response.    1. I'm not a lawyer and you should consult one - My knowledge in this subject is about ten years old -  however from what I remember if you change a copyrighted

2009-09-15 Is Advertising for me?:

From what you are describing - Advertising may not be a fit - Sounds more like interior design, architectural design or Environmental design ie: the spaces and ways people interact with spaces. The problem


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