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Questions about the basic of design. Use of line, form, shape, value, color, composition. Basically any layout + color questions. Also any questions about typography: appropriate fonts, font sizes, leading, kerning, etc.

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2012-11-20 question:

Arial and Garamond can blend nicely as one is a serif font (Garamond) and the other is sans serif (Arial). I don't know exactly how you plan to use them, but generally, using one font for a main word and

2012-07-11 Ref; question:

Yes, that would be a good mix. Generally speaking, it's better to use either the same font for all text on a piece, or, use one sans serif and one serif font (one for body copy and one for display type)

2012-06-11 query:

Whenever using a dark color for background, whether it is navy blue, gray or gold, if you are putting copy (paragraphs of writing less than size 14pt), you will want to use white. This is to give solid

2011-05-31 Correct Font to use for Light on Dark background print-out:

Once again, it is personal preference and I would recommend experimenting and seeing what you like. But since you asked, my favorite sans serif font is Futura. It is a beautiful, clean font that is a favorite

2011-05-28 Correct Font to use for Light on Dark background print-out:

There really is no rule on this issue. There is no particular font that is preferred when a white font is used on a dark background, it is just about personal taste and what looks good. Sans serif is the


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