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I can answer all your bi-teen sex questions. I can also give advice on chat rooms or internet relationships. I`m only a teen myself but I have been through a lot with both boys and girls.

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A Bi-Teen myself I can give you great advice on dealing with relationships and online dating.

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Helping teens discover their sexuality.

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Just because you want to have sex with someone of the same sex doesnt mean you are bi or gay.

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Cameron03/13/16101010I appreciate you answering this question
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Recent Answers from Sandi

2014-06-17 Does she hate me or is she shy?:

Hello    I think you could be right, she might have a crush on you. Do you think you can talk to her about it? Maybe at her house when its just the two if you. Ask her why she acts so different at school

2013-12-10 sex life.:

Hi Evelyn,    Wow...13 is a bit young to watching porn and be thinking about fucking anybody, lol.    First, I don't think it means you are gay just because you like looking at women and want to fuck one

2013-10-26 Sex:

Hi Josh,    Personally I don't think it means you are gay. I also think its ok for guys (and girls) to experiment like this. I like to ask this question. Do you think you could ever fall in love with another

2013-07-27 My crush and I kissed and now she is being distant.:

Honestly, she isn't sounding much like a friend anymore.  I don't think I would try anymore. Let her be and if she wants to talk to you then you can decide if that's what you want. In the meantime I would

2013-07-26 My crush and I kissed and now she is being distant.:

Hi Stephanie,    Have you tried to talk to her when its just the two of you? Not through text or on the phone. Do what you can to get something from her. You deserve an explanation. All you can do is try


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