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I can answer questions about coming out to friends, family, others in your life (students at school, other relatives), homophobic people around you, anything to do with one's sexuality, including all the many sexual orientations. I may not be able to give a perfect answer every time, but I'll definitely try my hardest to help.

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I have many friends who are gay or bisexual; I am myself, as well as a closeted family member.




I'm still in high school, but I don't think that limits how much I can help someone.

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50% of all gay and lesbian youth report that their parents reject them due to their sexual orientation. At least 75% of crimes against GLBT persons are not reported to anyone.

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Gay students hear anti-gay slurs as often as 26 times each day; faculty intervention occurs in only about 3% of those cases.

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Mia02/22/13101010Thank you very much! ^_^
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2013-05-12 ffollow up:

You get to experiment when you see fit-nothing else gets to dictate that.    Coming out is also very personal/variable-some come out to different people at different times (me) or try and do it in bigger

2013-05-11 ffollow up:

ur not late!!! You can always go back and just re-ask  a whole new question if it ever cuts you off.     Age is really variable-depending on what you're comfort level is. The only big thing is if one person

2013-03-28 telling my teacher i am gay?:

Hi Amy :)    Congratulations on sharing this with someone! That takes courage.     He may not be comfortable with the school administration knowing, or he's still coming to terms with it personally, or

2013-02-02 we both like each other but:

Hi :)    That is totally up to you! You're smart, and quite obviously think through your decisions. If you're ok with the possibility that you could visit him and leave feeling sad or disappointed, and

2013-02-01 we both like each other but:

Hi Mick :)    He needs to explain WHY he thinks he's bad for you, and then you can think it through to see if being involved with him would be beneficial or not. If he's not going to be receptive to your


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