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I have extensive experience in MATLAB which is a CAD for engineers.I can answer many questions on the programming script as well as the use of many toolboxes Matlab uses.However DO NOT ask me about the underlying theory of your projects.I will only answer questions regarding the USE of Matlab.

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I have written many scripts in Matlab utilizing many toolboxes and libraries such as Fuzzy Logic toolbox,Neural Nets,Image processing,Wavelets,Signal processing etc.


Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

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Ann05/09/12101010Fantastic, simple and quick answer. Thank you .....
L.03/25/12101010Wonderful! Thank you very much!
Reza01/27/10101010Thanks a lot George Moustris , problem solved .....

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2011-11-09 matlab:

You can use the plot command in the form of plot(x_vector,y_vector), where x_vector is a vector of xi values and y_vector is a vector of yi values corresponding to xi. thus you must select each point you

2011-11-09 matlab:

Hi Stefanos,    every linear system can be written as Ax=b, where A is the system matrix (in your case its A=[3 0 1;1 -1 3;0 1 4]). Thus if A is invertible, i.e. det(A) is not null, the the solution of

2010-11-04 Fourier Harmonic Amplitudes:

Hi mihammad,    see the FFT function in MATLAB. Reat its use in the docs and you'll get what you want. Note that this works for a collection of data. If you want the Fourier Transform for an actual analytic

2010-01-27 Matlab:

Hi Reza,    since the velocity is the integral of the acceleration, you need to numerically integrate your data points. You can use the cumtrapz MATLAB function for this. Just type >> help cumtrapz in

2009-12-02 Matlab:

sure holly. If you need something with respect to the use of matlab, don't hesitate to contact me. However, please don't ask me about the logic of your code. I won't write your code for you. I can only


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