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I can answer questions in regards to and not limited to: jewelry safety, specifically material, shape, proportion, and related issues; aseptic technique and sterilization as it applies to piercing safety; ethical issues of technique and bedside manner; the aftercare and recovery process for piercings. *Available for consultation.

Experience in the area

Body artist and founder of Piercing Experience (1992), http://piercing.org/ and SciCan Authorized Dealer of STATIM Sterilizers and related infection control products http://statim.us/


Currently serving on the APP Board of Directors as President, formerly as Global Media Director 2013-2014, International Liaison 2010-13, Treasurer 1997-99. Over fifteen years with ASTM and APP.


The Point Journal of the Association of Professional Piercers, USA Today, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Atlanta Magazine, Creative Loafing


I regularly participate and teach in many APP and related body art educational programs. I keep current certifications for OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens, First Aid, and CPR.

Awards and Honors

APP President's Award, Best Freehand Piercer, Best of Atlanta

Past/Present Clients

Tens of thousands of one on one client experiences as the founder of Piercing Experience in Atlanta, GA, USA http://www.piercing.org/ *Body jewelry design and safety expert: Member ASTM committee F04(www.astm.org)and former Member AAMI (www.aami.org) Research advisor and educator for the APP for over a decade(www.safepiercing.org) teaching advanced studio setup, sterilization and equipment management, freehand piercing, aseptic/sterile technique and much more. Distributor and Body Art expert for SciCan StatIM sterilization and infection control products. http://statim.us/ and http://piercers.com/

What do you like about this subject?

Epiphany ||| Inspiration ||| Commitment ||| Dedication ||| Challenge ||| Interaction ||| Conviviality ||| Body-Mind-Spirit transformation

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I will continue to encourage the use of proper sterilization, gentle technique and safe jewelry until nothing less is accepted by the general public. I feel learning never ends, and I will adopt any new idea, practice or widget that enriches the quality of the Piercing Experience. My present focus: education and consultation.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Anything we think we know is just the beginning. There is enough to learn about any aspect of this art and science to outlast me. The passion for taking this art and emerging science toward excellence will keep me going.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

I advocate sterile technique with no clamps [freehand], and never reuse piercing equipment such as sharps, tapers, hemostats, tubes or ring expanders. Body jewelry should meet similar criteria to objects certified for human implant when used for new piercings or for extended wear [more than 24 hours] as described at http://jewelry.piercing.org/ Gentle aftercare: http://care.piercing.org/

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2014-12-15 Re. Ear Piercing:

What I generally do in this situation is remove the jewelry and sell you a taper that is appropriately coupled to your jewelry of choice. That way you can remove and reinsert jewelry at your leisure. Tge

2014-12-08 Re. Ear Piercing:

Hello Carl,    Congratulations :)    The standard aftercare should apply until at least ten days after your feel confident that you have fully recovered.    Read more at http://care.safepiercing.org/

2014-11-26 My New Cheek Piercing:

Cheek piercings can swell very much, depending on placement. A very long bar is needed to start with, and multiple steps to downsize. I suggest that you remove the jewelry immediately, and try again at

2014-11-25 ear stretching gone bad:

The consensus among experienced piercers would be for you to drop back down to the smaller size (2g) with jewelry that meets APP safety standards for initial healing, such as Titanium or glass, and to

2014-11-06 Hypertrophic scarring:

Hello Kim,  The scar you have seems to have stabilized, meaning that the damage done to the area has thickened the tissue in a way that home treatments are not always effective for. My first suggestion


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