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Trouble shooting in any of the following areas: Virus / Spy-ware / Mal-ware issues, Windows, Linux, virtual environments such as VMWare, Virtual ToolBox. Vast and varied hands-on expertise in a range of open source network security tools and utilities.Have worked on projects requiring practical implementation and configuration tweaking of Intrusion Detection / Prevention Systems, Enterprise-class Patch Management Solutions, Customization of Network Audit Framework and Penetration Test Tool Compilation. Consultant for corporations, NOCs (Network Operations Centres) in the area of Virtual appliances for office(and home) environments for secure browsing / traffic monitoring / Anti-spam / "anti-phising" with content filtering capability.

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Virus/Spyware/Malware trouble shooting, Windows, VMWare, Linux. With over 10 years of industry experience in the Information Security field, I would be able to offer my experience and time to solve your problem. If any solution requires more time and effort or you require a customized product, I would be able to do so for a small fee.


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As a generic thumb-rule, I'd recommend that you avoid use of public networks for checking your personal gmail/hotmail accounts.     If inevitable, try and use a VPN.     I'd also recommend the US Cert

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The NAT you see on the internal interface of your internet dsl modem is done so as to enable multiple users (PCs) to share a single IP - the public IP which is dynamically alotted by your ISP.     So the


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