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I can answer questions involving freshwater biology and oceanography and questions regarding ecological concepts and problems.

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I have an MSc in hydrobiology and have taught many courses in ecology and environmental science at the high school and college level

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Recent Answers from walter hintz

2016-05-19 Bison poulations:

Hi Sam    Yes because whenever there is a decline in a prey population (Bison) there is a decline in the predators. (Wolves)    The populations of both animals is maintained in the Park only because hunting

2016-05-16 Ecology:

Hi Zach   I believe that absolutely nothing in this world is more important in protecting the environment We are dependent upon all living creatures and without them we will not survive. They provide us

2015-11-29 evolution of biomes:

Hi carl   Be sure you understand what constitutes a Biome. Mangrove s and swamps are ecosystems not biomes. Ecosystems make up biomes. Mountains can made up of various biomes with tundra at the higher

2014-11-21 What are some abiotic and biotic features. And a food web:

Hi there Alysa   I have been looking over your question. I am not sure you understand abiotic and biotic  factors. The abiotic factors include he Non-living factors like temperature, light, wind,pH,geology

2014-03-18 Abiotic Factors:

Hi Tiara;   You are taking the wrong approach to this.Start with the biotic factors. Write an assay about the rain forest ecology, its flora and fauna and then describe how each abiotic factor affects


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