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Feel free to ask me any questions you have about barbecue! I have had the pleasure of working for a Zagat rated barbecue restaurant for many years, and I have also participated in several barbecue competitions including the American Royal and Memphis in May. I am familiar with cooking beef, pork, any poultry, lamb, seafood, game meats, bison, cheeses, fruits, and vegetables. I am fearless when I'm near the fire and I'll try to barbecue anything! I am very familiar with cold smoking, hot smoking, and smoke roasting. I have experience cooking on commercial barbecue pits, offset or barrel smokers, upright drum smokers, vertical or bullet smokers, propane smokers, and rotisseries. I am also well-versed in catering. I have cooked for parties large and small, ranging from 8 to 10,000+ people. I enjoy menu planning and product sourcing for any size party.

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Cook, Fiorella's Jack Stack Barbecue of Kansas City, September 1998 to May 2011


Microsoft A+ Certification, Johnson County Community College 2009

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I love barbecue because it's almost more of an experience than just a meal. The smell of smoke, the red checkered tablecloths, enjoying an iced tea with your family and friends anticipating the results from the day's labor. There's so many variables with barbecue, so many choices on how and what you want to serve. Sauce or no sauce, rubs or naked, injecting or marinating; you can't go wrong!

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