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I can generally answer most questions relating to BBQ, smoked meats, choosing meats, grilled meats, spices, rubs, sauces, grills, cookers, smokers, wood, charcoal and food preparation.

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I have been cooking and smoking meats for over 40 years (yep, even as a child). I am a BBQ competitor and certified judge.




Bachelor of Barbeques Science B.S. from the Greasehouse University by the facilities of the Pitmasters College by the K.C. Baron of Barbeque
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Recent Answers from John Langenfelder

2016-05-03 Heat shield question:

Sorry for taking so long to reply.  DO NOT paint it.  You will get paint fumes in your cooking.  There is not much that you can do to prevent rusting. Eventually they all rust. Cleaning them after use

2015-07-14 No cook BBQ! - No smokey Joe:

that's a toughie without really seeing what you are doing.  What kind of briquettes are you using? How are you igniting them? After they turn ashen if you hold your open hand above them about 6 inches

2014-06-18 Speed up cooking time:

There are a couple of ways to speed it up:  higher temperature, cutting it in half or thirds.  You need to figure about 1 hr per lb. at around 250-275 so that is about 20 hrs. for a shoulder that size

2014-04-25 Question:

I am doing fine, thank you.  For Lamb burgers, I would consider a honey/mustard sauce. But the more common sauces would use Tzatziki style sauce.  Since you have mint (Not a fan by the way) as you said

2013-07-09 smoking a suckling pig:

Glenn,    What kind of cooker: gas, wood, electric, charcoal?  If wood/charcoal, what was used and how much?  How did you apply the garlic and rosemary? Did you cook with skin on?  What was the pig weight?


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