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I am an avid foodie....Raised by a southern mother, I have a broad base of cooking knowledge. I am not afraid to tell you I do not have the answer. In the kitchen I am adventurous as well as a traditionalist.

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Life long, my mom taught me to cook as a very young child. I enjoy the art and it brings me peace to cook for family and friends.


Taught by three generations of amazing cooks. My dads family is Irish, my mom is from the south, I have been cooking my whole life.

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Jona09/03/16101010Thank you, Sherrie!
darlene11/26/13101010I'll try your suggestion before ordering ready .....
Patty02/04/13101010Thank you. This is very helpful. Patty .....

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2017-01-09 Beef vegetable soup:

Hi Doug,   You can make your own broth in the crockpot with bones and meat, water and salt. It does take a long time. I often use Kitchen basics stock when I make soup. The stock has a richer consistency

2016-10-18 slow cooker:

Hi Richard,     That's a great question. I don't know the exact answer. What I would do is buy a large slow cooker in a size that I could use for meals as well at times of the year I didn't need the humidity

2016-08-30 Sun Dried Tomatoes:

Hi Jona,   If the tomatoes are dried and not packed in oil, then you have to let them steep in hot water or wine, then drain them before using. But if they are packed in oil, then you can use them straight

2016-08-08 Simple cooking:

Hi Nina,     I would recommend "America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook". Its a great book for beginners and each step is clearly explained. Also, have you considered a cookbook of crockpot meals? There

2014-12-13 Portable Microwave Oven Model Design.:

Hello,   I always say that anything is possible... and that our dreams create our reality. If you believe in your idea, go for it!   My only hesitancy would be that many people no longer trust or use microwave


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