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I can answer general cooking questions in regards to home cooking. I am the type of cook that can make a meal out of whatever you have in in your cabinets. When you see nothing, I see a meal. I know several things to do with chicken, beef and pork. My recipes and ideas are for the average person in the kitchen. You do not have to be an expert to make any of my meal suggestions I give you. I do not have any experience in cooking things such as duck or how to prepare frog legs. If it is a general home cooking question.. I am pretty sure I can answer it. If I can't I will do some research to find the answer. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to answer your questions and help you plan your next meal.

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I have been cooking for many years. I worked in my parent's restaurant as chief, cook and bottle washer. I know how to prepare meals with what you have in the cabinet. You tell me what you have and I can probably make a meal out of it. I also am pretty good at keeping the meal cost low as well as making things that you can freeze for another meal. I make my own sauces, breads, pasta, pizza as well as other things.


I have no formal education as far as cooking classes. However i do have on the job experience and parents who were willing to teach me everything I wanted to learn about cooking.

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I enjoy cooking for my family and making things that they enjoy eating.

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