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First of all, I LOVE to cook. I raised four kids and worked so quick and easy was very important. I can answer most any food/recipe question. Home style cooking is my favorite forum, but I also am knowledgable in sauces and some saute. Questions about food storage, food safety, quick and easy meals, cook ahead meals for freezing and hostess ideas are welcome here.

Experience in the area

I have over 30 years in the food and hospitality industry. I am a certified serve-safe manager. I have entered a few recipe contests and won grand prize in one. I write recipes for fun and am working on a collection of favorites.


Serv-Safe Managers Series Certification

What do you like about this subject?

I was raised by wonderful cooks (my parents are from the South). I really started applying myself to learning more about Southern Homestyle when I was an 18 year old newlywed and served chicken that was really pink inside. I wanted to cook like Mom!

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I think my next step is to write a cookbook, I am really into low fat cooking these days and have written quite a few wonderful recipes based on the Weight Watchers points system.

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Jona08/31/16101010Thanks, Jana!
Jona07/25/16101010Thank you, Jana!

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2016-11-25 Chicken Tenders:

Hi James,    The milk and egg adds flavor, enhances texture and helps the breading stick to the meat.  Your chicken tenders would definitely benefit from the added milk when you are making them with gluten

2016-08-30 Sun Dried Tomatoes:

Hi Jona,  Sun dried tomatoes are so versatile,  they can be sautéed into a recipe such as a spinach and mushroom omelet, used to top off a pizza, diced into a salad or soup, or sliced and used as a pretty

2016-01-23 Beef vegetable soup:

Hi Doug,   Sorry to tell you, you're sister is right. When you cook the beef first, it's doing 2 things, tenderizing the beef and making a flavor base for the stock.  I usually brown the cubed beef, onions

2015-09-08 chicken noodle soup:

Hi Joyce,    Any noodle shape will work for Chicken Soup. As for the celery, you can pass on it but your soup may taste like something is missing. Maybe add a little Celery salt if you have it on hand

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Hi Madhavi,  I had never heard of an Idli maker, so I Googled it. After seeing the pictures and reading up on it, I think it's your best choice. Each basket level has vents for the steam, so it seems like


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