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I can help you cook and eat delicious foods without the "bad" fats. I am particularly experienced in vegetarian cooking, especially tofu, but I am also experienced with fish and chicken (not as much with red meat). I particularly enjoy the heavily spiced foods of Asia. I feel you can avoid frying in a pool of oil and leave out those extra hunks of butter, and still enjoy wonderful food.

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I've been cooking low-fat ever since I started cooking, about 30 years ago. Long-time subscriber to Cooking Light Magazine, which I highly recommend.


B.A. Sociology; M.A. International and Intercultural Communication. Technical writer, indexer, and adjunct professor of English Composition

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Anne02/27/17101010Thank you, lots of good ideas here!
swan05/16/16101010Thank you for your input.
Jona04/18/161010Thank you, Ellen Sue. For the record .....
Brooke06/13/15101010Thank you for answering my question! I .....

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2017-02-17 salad dressings:

Hello, Anne:    Sorry for the delay in responding.    I agree that high fat salad dressings defeat the purpose of the salad, although a small amount of healthy fat like olive oil or walnut oil is actually

2016-04-17 Cooking Chicken:

Hello, Jona    Cooking chicken in wine (I'd use white) will have more of a poaching effect, that is, it won't brown. Fish is often done thus way. Good, but a different result. Without the oil, the breadcrumbs

2015-06-10 Stir Fry:

Hello, Brooke:    I've seen some disagreement about canola oil. Some people feel it's a great oil for frying (better than olive oil, which has a low smoking temperature) and others feel the processing

2015-04-29 Topping on popcorn.:

Hello!    I oppose any sort of "fake" product, such as a fake buttter as it tends to introduce more health problems than it solves. . I've heard of people sprinking on a bit of parmasean cheese, or herbs

2015-03-24 How long before you become 'adapted' to a low far semi vegetarian diet?:

Hello!    Are you having "cravings" (like, I just gotta have a burger) or are you actually hungry (stomach growling)? If it's the latter, maybe you're not eating enough or not getting enough protein. If


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