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I am able to answer most questions about Pagan religions and magic. I am particularly experienced in the areas of Hearth Magic and Kitchen Witchery, including magical cooking and gardening, herbal lore and Hellenic mythology. I specialize in matters relating to Pagan children and family. I am also well-versed in Western European spirituality including Wicca and Druidry, though I belong to neither. My particular religious interest is in Hellenic polytheism. I am unable to answer specific theological, historical or liturgical questions related to African Synchretic Spirituality (Santeria, Voodun, Umbanda, etc.) or Heathenry (Asatru, Odinism, etc.)

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I have been a Pagan for over 20 years and a NeoHellenic Polytheist for 15. I have over 5 years experience planning and executing public Pagan events, particularly public rituals and family events. I have three children I am raising to honor Nature and the Hellenic Gods and to respect all faiths.


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I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Anthropology with a Biology minor.

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I am pretty sure my profile says that I am not Wiccan and my relationship with the Gods is very different from that of a Wiccan, but I will do my best.    In Wicca, the Gods are "used" to give energy to


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