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I welcome the opportunity to answer questions regarding the similarities and differences between the various denominations of Christianity, especially those which involve the Reformation Traditions of Christianity (Lutheran, Calvinist, etc). I also take a great interest in examining new Christian movements and popular trends in Christianity from a Reformation perspective. I have particular expertise in the original Greek text of the New Testament and its meaning, as well as questions regarding liturgy, evangelism, and preaching.

Experience in the area

I have been a pastor in the Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod for the past six years at St. John's Lutheran Church in Burt, IA. I currently serve as chairman of the Commission on Ministerial Growth & Support of the Missouri Synod's Iowa District West and as Track Chaplain at Algona Raceway in Algona, IA. I also write as a religion columnist for two local newspapers.


Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod


B.A. Concordia University - Ann Arbor, MI (Biblical Languages) M.Div. Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, IN (Exegetical Theology, Pastoral Ministry & Missions)

Past/Present Clients

Zion Lutheran Church (Columbia City, IN) Zion Lutheran Church (Altamont, IL) St. John's Lutheran Church (Burt, IA) Zion Lutheran Church (Lu Verne, IA) Algona Raceway (IA) Fairmont Raceway (MN) Hancock County Speedway (Britt, IA) Clay County Fairgrounds Raceway (Spencer, IA)

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Recent Answers from Rev. Jason P. Peterson

2015-12-13 retiring:

Don,    Thanks for writing.  Based on the response from your denominational officials, I can guess what denomination it is.  They probably advise that because of many bad past experiences with pastors

2015-03-31 Transferring Religions..:

Dylan,    Thanks for your question.  I'm sorry to hear that you had such unwelcoming responses from others.  I apologize for my delay in responding.  Holy Week (the week before Easter) can be a real beast

2014-11-19 church membership:

Barney,    Thanks for your question.  I think the answer depends on your goals and intended audience.  Since I do not know these things, I will answer more generically.      If you want to reach people

2014-11-06 similarities of denominations and New Age changes in Christianity:

Thanks for the follow-up post.  To be brief...    Salvation = forgiveness of sins resulting in eternal, resurrected life.      Ultimately, it really does matter what we believe, and not just how

2014-10-30 similarities of denominations and New Age changes in Christianity:

Barney,    Thanks for the question.  Your observation of how difficult it is for denominations to get together for common work is a common one.  We would all like to be able to worship jointly and gather


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