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Being an expert means to be a master all, I am meerly master of myself. Everyone can grow from where they are there are no limits there is no peak. One who claims to know everything has only touched a splinter. You can never max out on experience, or knowledge.

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Kung Fu,Defensive tactics for police, Tea kwando, Jujitsu, Karate, Tai Chi, Raised in martial arts but never became serious until I had turned 21 yrs old. It is never to late to join a martial art I have seen people past 50 join and it works miricles on arthritis and other elments.


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Everything about martial arts is good spirit, mind, body, confidence, controll, strenght, flexability, smarts, awareness, health, happieness, and so many other things can be aquired from an art

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There are many reasons people join martial arts. I listed them above. You can train to compete or you can train for your own purposes. It can be a sport or and art you have to choose which is important to you.

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2016-04-07 leg exercises:

Just remember stretching is just as important. I went through a phase in my life were I worked on bulking this slowed me down substantially but I gained stenfht in return. I first would like to know what

2015-01-17 Thoughts/Advice Please:

I am sorry for the timing on this response. I had received an email about 2 years ago saying this sight was no longer and for my services I would have to re sign at there new sight. I did not do this.

2012-07-08 Help: it seems like you did a lot of the martial arts I was interested in so I decided to ask you:

Martial arts of any kind is good depending on what you want it for. If its for competetion or for personal defence. Confidence will build regardless to which one you choose. I personally am favord twords

2012-01-31 Fear???!!:

I believe this problem you have stems somewhere from your past. Everyone has a similar feeling to yours when in a fight/competition. I fear more than anything in life loss of control every time I am in

2011-05-09 internatial championship martial arts in bradenton florida april 30 to may 1 of 2004:

well that is quite difficult to do. Here is a contact that I found for the international martial arts championship. Good luck hope this helps you out.    Thanks  Michael      Email:  nick.scrima@kungfuchampionship


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