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I am a Korean Martial Artist, with 50+ years experience. I can answer any and all questions on the arts of Hapkido and Taekwondo and Reality based martial arts.

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With 50+ years experience and a holder of an 8th Degree in Hapkido and Taekwondo. I have rankings in other martial arts as well. Currently I teach Reality-based training for street self-defense. I only train adults (18 and older.) I also have experience as a Legal Expert Witness in the US Judicial system for Martial Arts and self-defense.


International Director of the International Sungjado Association; Representative of the Universal TKD Brotherhood, Inc.; Member Dojang of the Korean Kukkiwon; Certified Advisor for the Korean Kukkiwon; World TKD Federation



PhD MA Theology PhD MA Science

Awards and Honors

Soke of Sungja-Do from Karate for Christ International; Advisor to KFCI past presidents on Korean Martial Arts.

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Recent Answers from George Petrotta

2016-04-07 Suggested leg exercises:

Kevin,  The best exercise for something that benefits stances, kicks, and stability are the following. You must have an equal balance of strength and flexibility in all of the leg muscles, which also includes

2013-02-25 about stretching:

Good day to you sir.    You should only do strength training 3 out of the 7 days of the week. You should stretch every day. If you are reading a book or watching a movie or TV or just standing around with

2013-02-24 about stretching:

Young man, first you are not a boy anymore, but a man.  Your Instructor being only a 3rd Dan in TKD is a beginner himself, so he will not know everything.  Your kicking height and speed come from your

2012-06-13 Commando hapkido:

Personally, if I had a child (daughter/granddaughter) I would do a complete background check of the school owners and all instructors at the school. There are way too many pedophiles out there, and the

2012-06-13 Commando hapkido:

Sorry sir, but I have not heard of Commando Hapkido. Is that the name of the school or the style of Hapkido?  I guess it doesn't really matter if what you want is a system of self-defense that works on


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