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Common sense application of martial art in self defense situations involving common street threats. I am a retired intelligence officer, former career police officer, novelist, digital radio personality and martial artist. My martial arts fantasy novel is available on Amazon in paperback & Kindle ebook - "Legend of the Four Dragons Sword." As a former police officer, soldier, sailor and CIA officer, I have a practical outlook on martial art application in real world settings. Martial arts focus is on realistic approach to self defense for common H2H encounters. My advice is tailored to the everyday Joe/Jane who attends a martial arts class maybe once a week and seeks reassurance that they can apply basic self defense concepts in the world we live in.

Experience in the area

I have a 40-year background in martial art. I hold Dan grade in USKS Karate from USA Martial Arts Alliance's Dr. Jim Thomas, Sensei, as well as Dan grade in kempo karate from Shodai Gary Dill of Self Defense Systems, Intl. I have been a personal student of Wushu Master Lu Xiaolin of O-Mei Wushu Center & I have trained with the martial monks at the Herndon, Virginia temple of Shaolin USA, an official US component of the famous Songshan Shaolin Temple in China. I have had exposure to multiple systems of combat. I have over 20 years professional experience in street policing and law enforcement at the city, county and federal levels, in addition to overseas service in hostile environments. My background includes a career with the US Govt in national intelligence (CIA) and active duty in the US Military. My experience includes, but is not limited to, technical intelligence operations and supervision, security, counterintelligence, SWAT, detective, in-service police academy instructor, u/c narcotics investigator, major crime unit investigator, patrol sergeant, security specialist & investigator with the US Navy, and intelligence analyst and CI Special Agent with the Army National Guard. I have served in multiple high threat areas abroad while serving within the national security arena.


CEO of Lucky Buzzard LLC based in the Milwaukee WI metropolitan area; USA Martial Arts Alliance - Lifetime member, Inductee - Hall of Fame; United States Karate System (Master Jim Thomas); American Karate Association (AKA); World Blackbelt; Laohu Kenpo/Tobosa Kali Hombu Dojo, Sterling, VA (Soke Stephen Blackburn); SDS Bushido Kempo-Kai - Prof. Gary Dill's Self Defense Systems Intl (SDS), 1st Dan Kempo; Former member & student: Shaolin Temple - Shaolin USA, Herndon, VA


Amazon Paperback and Kindle Books; Shotokan Magazine - UK; Multiple web-based martial arts e-magazines, including The Martial Edge and USADOJO; Author of the Amazon nanobook "Quest for the Way"; Author of the martial arts novel "Legend of the Four Dragons Sword" which is in paperback & Kindle on Amazon.


I am a graduate of various federal intelligence and law enforcement training institutions, multiple state-level police training academies, as well as military LE/Security training programs with the US Armed Forces. My college level and university studies were in criminal justice, administration of justice, and commercial art.

Awards and Honors

Honor graduate status from federal, state, and military training institutions. Multiple exceptional performance awards - Central Intelligence Agency.

What do you like about this subject?

I enjoy the full range of martial arts experience, from the metaphysical to wellness promotion and practical street applications.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

I received my first black belt (USKS Seieikan Karate) from actor James Thomas, who heads the USA Martial Arts Alliance organization and who has appeared in film productions such as "The Chemist." I received my Bushido Kempo black belt from a personal representative of Gary Dill, who draws a direct line lineage to Bruce Lee's original Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

I believe that the greatest asset anyone has in any self defense situation is what is between their ears. There are no superior systems or magic martial methods that will save you. If you can employ a weapon - edged, impact or firearm - you will be stacking the deck in your favor. Everything goes in a real fight.

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