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Can answer questions regarding Jeet Kune Do (JKD), Filipino Martial Arts, Wing Chun Gung Fu, self defense, differences between martial art styles, and instructor referrals in Southern California

Experience in the area

2012 - Present: Personal Safety Ministry Founder, Organizer, & Coach - Evergreen SGV 2008 - Present: Founder and Instructor, Orange County Jeet Kune Do Academy, Orange County, CA 2008 - 2010: Jeet Kune Do and Filipino Kali Instructor at the South Bay Jeet Kune Do Academy


Bay Mountain Martial Arts, Whipping Willow Association


Associate Instructor, Jeet Kune Do under David Cheng Associate Instructor, Filipino Kali under David Cheng Basic Instructor and Group Leader, Modified Pangamut Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) under Marc Lawrence Instructor, Arnis De Mano FMA under Marc Lawrence Instructor, Chi Fung under Leo Fong Instructor, Wing Chun Kung Fu under Leung Ting Lineage, Wing Chun Judge, 2014 Tempt One Martial Art Championships

Awards and Honors

Double Silver Medalist in Filipino Martial Arts - Long Beach Internationals

Past/Present Clients

2010 South Bay Filipino Martial Arts Club - Co-led a one day workshop with instructors of three other arts 2010 Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc. - Organized and hosted a self defense workshop lead by an external instructor 2006, 2012 Evergreen San Gabriel Valley (SGV) Church - Led Self Defense and Filipino Martial Arts Workshops

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Recent Answers from Eric Jue

2016-07-31 question and looking for guid:

Hi Muhammad,    Thanks for your questions. It appears that there are four: 1 / Most effective for close quarters combbat, 2 / Long range combat, 3 / Multiple attackers and 4 / Gentle yet effective    RE:

2016-05-04 leg exercises:

Hi Kevin,    Good to hear that you are training in martial arts.    I am sure that will get a variety of answers to your question. I suggest that you seek the wisdom of many counselors and use what works

2016-04-17 the effect of a hit from only joint:

Hi Mohammed, Thanks for your question.    Street altercations have a lot of variables, including the possibility of facing multiple opponents, armed opponents, or poor environmental conditions (ex. glass

2014-04-25 question and comparision:

Hi Muhammad, Thanks for your inquiries. I feel most comfortable answering your first question. I think it is important to pick a martial art (aka style)that fits your personality, body type, and temperament

2011-09-05 JKD? or something else?:

Hi Aharon,    I hope you are doing well.    I know JKD would fit your criteria, assuming you find and study with a good instructor.  Although I have never studied with him, I heard good things about Dino


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