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I can answer questions on Bruce Lee's martial art philosophy, Jeet Kune Do. I have been a JKD practitioner since 1973 and an instructor since 1986. I have plenty of resources at my disposal to get you any answer/info you need.

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I have been a student of Jeet Kune Do since 1973 and a certified instructor since 1985. My lineage is directly from Bruce Lee through Dan Inosanto. I have also trained with many other original Bruce Lee students like Larry Hartsell, Richard Bustillo, Ted Wong, Bob Bremer and Pete Jacobs. I have also trained with many 2nd generation instructors like Cass Magda, Chris Kent, Paul Vunak and Burton Richardson. I have operated my own JKD school, Unified Martial Art Academy, since 1986. I have trained also with several


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2016-05-09 Aikido:

James,  I hate to tell you but you've got it all wrong.  Jeet Kune Do is not at all a "stripped down a bit" version of  Shaolin Gung Fu. They are at the two ends of the spectrum.  Shaolin style is "classical"

2013-01-03 Jeet Kune Do in Atlanta, GA:

Gershom,  My first recommendation is ALWAYS Sifu Francis Fong in  St. Johns Creek.  Please let me know what the others you've found are.  I also recommend Alan Baker, Steve Grantham and Sule  Welch.  Let

2011-10-25 Teacher finds you:

Danny,  The version I'm aware of is, "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear."  I believe it's supposed to mean that when someone's really ready to learn then they'll  find the right combination

2011-06-12 Punch weight:

Srinivas,  I'm assuming that by "punch weight" you actually mean punch power.  So I'm going to tell you that one secret to powerful punching is making sure that you get your bodyweight into it.  That means

2010-12-22 How to get started?:

Kurt,  Realise that it'll take a lot of time to get trained in all these arts. But so depending on your age that'll make a big difference.  You'll first have to find the right school and then get started


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