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Peter Ziboce

Hong Kong

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I can answer general issues about Chinese Internal Martial Arts, including linkage, history, technique, usages, and theories.

Experience in the area

I teach TAI CHI, QI GONG, LIU HE BA FA, XING YI, BAGUA, and YI JING JING for many years in Hong Kong, China. I produce a number of Videos of my style of kung fu, named Ziboce Tai Chi.


Hong Kong Yi Quan Society (Director) Ziboce Kung Fu Box (Founder) Hong Kong Association of Shaolin Yijinjing (Director) Hong Kong Association of Traditional Yang Tai Chi (Founder)Hong Kong Tai Chi Fencing Project (Director) Hong Kong Kung Fu Healing Study (Founder)


I hold two master degrees in Business Management and Corporate Management. MBA, MABP.

Awards and Honors

2003 Chinese Wushu Directory Taiji Characters

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Steven08/30/10didnt answer the question at all xD
nishant08/17/10101010good basis to think

Recent Answers from Peter Ziboce

2014-01-09 regarding chi and dim mak:

Hi, Rishabh,  Yes, because the opponent knows before that he will be hurted if not moving back.    Let me put it this way:  I have shown my movies on Youtube how I punch through 16 sheet of paper.  I can

2012-04-09 Internal and external arts:

Hi Daniel,   I guess that your question is on the comparison of effectiveness of Chen and Shaolin training in related to Hard and Soft. And the way how Qi is involved.    The key issue for ENERGETIC Feeling

2011-08-14 Traditional fighting Hung Gar:

Hi, Jaylyn,  In kung fu, we should know more other than the forms.  Forms are important, when we talk about 'co-ordination'.    Good alignment is the key for power.  When you are talking about stance,

2010-09-10 Tai Chi:

Hi, Mike.  The issue is on What is the aim, How to do, and Why is it.    Same controversial issue on whether a knife is a weapon, or a tool.    Tai Chi is originated from MA. So it bears a self defense

2010-08-29 Bajiquan/Paguaquan:

Dear Steven,  You may try other things when you are young.  To dream is good that means you have a vision.  All forms of arts eventually come to the same thing, that is BASIC.    Opportunity and take it


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