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Kit Belen

United Arab Emirates

I can help with tackle making questions inshore/offshore fishing from trolling,drifting, bottom fishing,light to heavy stand up style fishing, Japanese vertical jigging,surf/shore/rock fishing. I'm always glad to help.

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I was a professional guide and a tackle manufacturer, was taken under the wing of a retired marlin skipper who showed me the ropes and later joined the tournament circuit in my country. I have put those on hold to pursue a career in the corporate world, but I still fish regularly and make my own lures and flies...I get the chance to travel the world and fish all around. I have experience on making the most out of fishing situations like when you have to fish on boats that are not designed for sportfishing. I generally make things challenging just to see how things tick, along the way, you would be amazed at what you learn.



I hold a Marketing Degree and am currently work for a hotel company in the Digital Marketing and Communications field in Dubai, UAE.

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2013-07-11 Fishing in Red Sea:

Dear Farhaj,     Thanks for asking.     For snagging or getting stuck on corals and the like, I suggest you look up what we call a "rotten bottom" rig. You mainly get stuck if your hook or weight gets

2011-11-22 reef fishing:

Hi Erick,     your gear can take most fish in Florida, although we might be thinking of two different things. I mean if you are going flats fishing, yes, you can use your gear. bridge fishing, just as

2011-10-19 brining baits:

I brine offshore baits a lot! There are times when you can't get fresh bait and the success of companies like Calcutta is a testament to how these brined baits work.     Use salt and baking soda (the salt

2011-10-12 fly fishing in the surf:

Thanks for asking Gershon.     For me line choice is a matter of where and when you fish.     I would use a faster sinking line when fishing deeper water and windy conditions.    On the flats, I use intermediate

2011-08-19 recommended tackle and lures?:

Hi Mel,     Fishing tackle these days are pretty expensive. The high quality ones are going higher and higher in price but are tougher and are more resistant to corrosion than ever.     There are a lot


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