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I own and maintain several freshwater aquariums from 2 to 180 gallon. I can answer most questions about freshwater aquariums, including setup, cycling, maintenance, compatible tank mates, feeding. Moving? I've moved fish both across town and across the country and can help you get your little aquatic friends to their new home safely. I know and have experience with most freshwater community fish, South American Cichlids and African Cichlids. I don't answer questions about Goldfish or keeping Goldfish with Tropical Fish. I also don't answer questions about keeping crustaceans (shrimp, snails, crabs etc) with Tropical Fish, nor questions about saltwater fish or aquariums. I'm not available to answer questions on weekends, this is when I do maintenance on my own tanks.

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Many years of personal experience with community tank fish, semi-aggressive fish (Barbs, Tetras, etc), Angels, South American Cichlids and African Cichlids.


HSG 2010-2011 prof

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Recent Answers from Richard Hight

2017-03-23 My cichlids had lots of babies!:

Hi Renee!    Yes, you have described Convict Cichlids perfectly. They are the best parents. The mom will hang near the fry, while dad protects them all. When my Convicts or any other Cichlids have babies

2016-07-08 Jebo r3100 filter..?:

Hi Bonnie    I would get a Fluval External 306 Canister Filter for your Jebo 60g, and use your aquaclear HOB filter as a supplemental filter. Also in a tank that size, you may want to buy a couple of powerheads

2016-06-30 Setup 50 g:

Hey Christian    You will need to reconsider your tank mates for the Blue Acara. They are generally a more peaceful Cichlid but they are still a Cichlid and could harass and/or attack smaller fish. Keep

2016-05-24 Pictus Catfish/Bala Sharks:

Hi Lauren    This probably isn't what you want to hear, but a 60g tank would only work for small fish. Long term, they will need at least 125g tank, but I recommend 180g for Bala Sharks as they are schooling

2016-03-28 20gal stocking:

Hi Ginger    I have a 20 gallon high tank with a German Blue Ram, Dwarf Blue Gourami, 3 Black Mollies and a red Betta. The Betta does not bother any of the others and it is a very peaceful tank. I used


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