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I can try to answer questions from most every subject... I`m the person people call when they are trying to figure something out, so maybe I can answer your question, too... If I don`t know it, I will know where to find it... I`ve been a "Lifeline" to five different contestants on "Millionaire"...

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A lifetime of reading and collecting reference books, trivia guides, and those quiz books you see all the time... I once went ten episodes of "Jeopardy!" without missing a question, if that says anything...

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2006-10-24 Hyacinth Bucket's maiden name:

Hi, Prune...    According to the BBC, about fifty discussion groups, and one overanxious chat room girl, Hyacinth's maiden name was never revealed on the show... they alluded to it several times, like

2006-08-25 advertising icon:

Hi, Kim...    1) Everything I'm seeing points to the ad icon being the Budweiser frogs...     2) Versailles was King Louis XIII's hunting lodge... it kept being expanded after XIII got compliments on it's

2006-08-20 games/toys:

Hi, Shelley...    Pogs were milk caps, in a nutshell... they were little pieces of cardboard shaped like the small, thick, wax-paper seals they used to put in milk bottles, back in the older, simpler times

2006-07-22 most telephones per person:

Hi, Kim...    You sure it's not the USA???    I would have guessed Sweden, but, according to an article in the Manchester Guardian, you were correct... check out this link, near the bottom of the page

2006-07-11 average time:

Hi, Kim...    Average time? I've only been thru the LAX security checks once since 9/11, and it took me maybe twenty minutes... now, average, I would bet it would be closer to thirty... I went thru at


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