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Hi my name is Dr. Dan and I am the author of the Best Selling book, “RockStar: 45 RockStar Lessons, How to Be a RockStar in Your Life, and Make the World Your Stage!” and “The Little Book of Secrets, How to Attract the Person of Your Dreams, and Keep Them!” I can answer any and all questions relating to Dating, Attraction, Marriage, and Relationship. You can find out more about me and download 3 Free Secrets from my book at

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I have been a student of this subject for over a decade and have not only researched it but lived it in my own life! Too many so-called experts study text books or attend classes but don't walk the walk. I have been married to the woman of my dreams for 7 years and have 2 beautiful little girls. I only teach what has worked for myself and what has worked for my VIP clients.


I have also has produced several audio programs and hosts my own weekly radio show every Wednesday night called “Be a RockStar in Your Life with Dr. Dan!” You can check it out at:


I have a PhD in Metaphysics, Divinity, am a Minister with the Universal Life Church, which is a non-denominational church and recognizes all faiths and beliefs. I have also completed Levels 1 & 2 from the Oneness University in the Golden City in India.

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I have coached everyone from high school kids to A-List Celebrities.

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