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Daniel Keeran, MSW


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This online course ( see ) may provide the insight you need and take your healing a little further.

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I have been a marriage and individual therapist for over 30 years. I have also trained others in marriage counseling for over 25 years. For deeper understanding and healing childhood experiences affecting adult life and relationships with self and others see the reader-friendly source


College of Mental Health Counseling College of Professional Counseling and Therapy Founder,, Professional Online Pre-Marriage Assessment Questionnaire and Free Lifetime Marriage Counseling


Numerous titles in and other bookstores.


MA in european history MSW in clinical psychiatric social work Founder of professional associations and professional training programs.

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2014-11-17 Do wives like to cuddle their husbands ? and be affectionate .?.:

If the marriage is arranged, does this mean you do not spend any time with her before marriage? The only way to tell is to kiss the girl to see if she wants to kiss again. Ask if it is OK to kiss her,

2014-11-16 Do wives like to cuddle their husbands ? and be affectionate .?.:

Q. Do women also like to initiate these things(start it)  REPLY: only if they fee a need for physical affection     Q. Do they like to do these above said things.  REPLY: only if affection was common in

2013-03-10 Parents denying my relationship:

Do what you think is right an do not let your parents manipulate you. I recommend that you and the guy you love strengthen your faith as a foundation of values and beliefs that give hope, meaning, and

2013-03-05 divorce with unborn baby?:

Let her go with the child as she wishes. You are right to be concerned, so I advise trying to be involved in the child's life if possible. Maybe start with just monthly visit, or even quarterly, then adjust

2011-12-12 My husband is jealous of our kids:

You need to have this conversation with him and get his promise to stop bullying. He may be insecure about loss of caring perhaps coming from his own childhood, and he may lack parenting skills. Try to


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